Full Timing in your RV

Living in your home on wheels year-round is an exciting way to explore new destinations with all the necessities. But, if you’re new to full-time RV living, there are a few things you should keep in mind before joining the millions of Americans who enjoy this lifestyle. 


It is likely that the square footage of your RV will be much smaller compared to the physical home you’re leaving behind, so it will be necessary for you to downsize much of your belongings before hitting the road in your new home.

For some, renting a storage unit and keeping a portion of your belongings behind is a way to ensure you’re only bringing the necessities, though you should be aware that this will add to your monthly costs. Try paring down what you can, but keep in mind you will also be adding other new gadgets and gear that are necessary for RV living. 


When taking your life on the road full-time, you need to consider how much income you will still be able to generate, and ensure that you can cover all the monthly expenses that are necessary for this lifestyle. Whether you are retired and receiving benefits or are a remote worker, you should set a structured budget for yourself beforehand that gives you room for unexpected expenses that may arise, while still living comfortably. 

WiFi Hotspots

In order to stay connected with your loved ones back home or continue working remotely, you will need to consider getting a WiFi hotspot to bring with you in your RV. Nowadays, you can get access to the Internet from nearly anywhere, you just need the proper device and wireless plan to make that happen. 

Physical Address

Even though you will be living in your RV throughout the year, you will still need to maintain a physical mailing address for purposes like taxes, banking, insurance, and more. Each state has its own regulations for establishing residency, so you may want to do some research before setting off on this new lifestyle to ensure you have done the proper paperwork to establish a legal physical address somewhere. 

Follow the weather

Having a game plan for the year and knowing where you will spend the summer and winter months is a great idea to have ahead of time. Living mobile allows you to move around and enjoy the seasons from any location, though there are some places that are not RV-friendly in the winter and other locations where the summer heat is blistering.

Aside from these logistical issues and others not listed above, there are a variety of additional challenges associated with full-time RV living. So, when considering this lifestyle, familiarize yourself with others who have done it before you, and read through any blog posts and articles that have helpful tips for this transition. 

Bailey Schramm is a writer from Happy Writers, Co. in partnership with Italian linen retailer, Linoto.

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