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RV Tow Guide

Before you buy a fifth wheel, travel trailer, or other towable RV, make sure your vehicle can tow it!

Fill out the form below and we'll help you determine your vehicle's recommended towing limits, and match you to the right RV for your tow vehicle.
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Towing your RV – Things to remember.

  • Most full-size and mid-size family cars can pull a small trailer and today's popular vans, SUVs, and light-duty trucks can pull a wider range of RVs.
  • Use the right trailer hitch and hitch accessories for the job, and make sure it is hitched correctly.
  • Make sure that the trailer's brakes, turn signals, and taillights are synchronized with the towing vehicle.
  • Backup with care and ask someone to stand outside the vehicle to make sure you avoid any obstacles not seen in the mirrors.
  • If another person is not available, step out and inspect the area behind the vehicle to prevent surprises and accidents.


Understanding towing – The Acronyms

Axle weight is that portion of the weight of the trailer that is carried by the axle(s). This weight can be derived by subtracting the hitch weight from the UVW.


GCCC means the maximum cargo carrying capacity. GCCC is equal to GVWR minus UVW. The GCCC will be reduced by the weight of fresh water or other tanks, LP-gas, occupants, personal items, or dealer installed accessories.

GCWR means the value specified by the motorhome manufacturer as the maximum allowable loaded weight of the motorhome with its towed trailer or towed vehicle.

GVWR means the maximum permissible weight of the trailer, including the UVW plus all cargo, fluids, options, and dealer installed accessories. The GVWR is equal to or greater than the sum of the UVW and the GCCC.

Hitch Weight is that portion of the weight of the trailer that is carried on the hitch. This information is important in matching the tow mechanism on your tow vehicle with the trailer to be towed.


Sometimes referred to as Dry Weight, UVW means the weight of this trailer as built at the factory. The UVW, as used in product literature and other promotional materials, does not include cargo, fresh water, LP gas, options or dealer-installed accessories.


Finding the right RV For your vehicle

RVS Under 3500 pounds
RVs between 3500 Pounds and 5500 pounds
RVs between 5500 pounds and 8500 pounds
RVs over 8500 pounds