Overall Length vs Interior Length- A Keystone Hideout Example

Model numbers vs actual length can be tricky. Lets use the Keystone Hideout model, a 176BH. You would be led to believe the trailer is 17 feet long (176BH = 17feet). However the actual length is 21 ft. A good resource to figure this out would be to check the Manufactures website first. The second would be to add 3 ft. ,this will account for the front Tongue & back bumper length. Which all trailers have.

How to measure the overall length -Keystone Hideout 176BH ; (17 ft. + 3ft. = 21 ft.)

Why does Keystone do it this way?

Answer: The actual box size of the trailer is 17 ft. Meaning you have 17 ft. of interior room, hence the model number being called a 176BH. From there they add the front tongue and back bumper (3 ft.) making the total length 21 ft.

  • Why is it important to know the total length vs the model number length?


  • Campsites base their sizes on the overall length of the trailer
  • If you are booking a site based on the model number you might get to the campsite and find that its too small to fit the trailer you own
  • Storage facilities will charge you per feet, meaning if you tell them you own a 176BH Hideout (17 ft.) the quote will be wrong. Once you get to the storage facility they will measure from tongue to bumper (21 ft.) Causing you to pay more money after the fact.

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