RVing in the Rain


If you’re a frequent RV camper, chances are you’re going to encounter rain and maybe even travel in a wet region, such as Washinton state or upstate New York. For the unprepared camper, rain can be miserable and can even … Continued

DIY Air Conditioners


The Los Angeles Times recently reported that 6.5 billion or 81% of the world’s population have experienced abnormally high summer temperatures due to climate change. That means it is becoming harder to escape the heat even in areas that have … Continued

Mouse Guarding Your RV (and Boat)


Even though you enjoy sharing your boat or RV with friends and family, you want to make sure that there is a “no vacancy” sign for any pests or rodents who might want to move in. These small creatures are … Continued

Getting Ready for Spring RV


Spring is just beginning, so it’s time to start getting your RV ready for the upcoming camping season! After being locked away in storage all winter, there are some key preparations you should make before hitting the road. You will … Continued

Travel Trailer Maintenance for your RV’s Roof.

Regular maintenance is essential for any travel trailer owner, and the roof is no exception. Neglecting roof maintenance can lead to costly repairs and even shorten the lifespan of your travel trailer. Here are some important tips for maintaining the … Continued

Choosing a Carport for your RV

Carport for RV

Buying an RV is an investment, and once you made that investment, you want to ensure that your vehicle is protected from the elements. If you live in an area prone to harsh weather conditions, such as snow, heavy rain, … Continued

Summer 2022 – 4 RV Friendly Festivals

RV Music Festivals

With summer right on the horizon, many are heading out in their RVs to see the country and explore new sights. If you’re looking for events to check out while you’re on the road, consider some of the following festivals … Continued

The New 2022 Keystone Passport GT 3401QB

Keystone RV Passport Quad Bunk System

IN GRAND STYLE The swiss army knife of RVs, Passport delivers ultra-lightweight camping loaded with multi-functional features and best-in-class storage. Passport GT series features the brand’s most spacious floorplans—including vaulted ceilings. GT models maximize owners’ outside living area with the … Continued